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So, let me tell you about my dad.

My mom was married, had 3 children. I was the third. Unfortunately, it was not a match made in heaven and when I was about nine months old, she gathered the courage, or her sense of survival kicked in, something - but she packed up her kids and her stuff and left Buffalo to return home to Corpus Christie. A few years of struggling, socializing and...

Doug and Gloria met at a party - she a divorcee' that worked at a jewelry store - he a Petty Officer, 3rd class (for those unfamiliar with the military, that's one stripe which isn't very  many). She had been introduced to him once before and was unimpressed. But a few weeks later, she had gone to the party with his roommate (who by the way, thought Doug and Gloria were a match made in heaven even though he was dating her. I believe his name was Jack. Well, as all good sailor's do, Jack took Gloria to the party and began to enjoy the plentiful and obligatory liquid refreshment. Before anyone realized it, Jack was too drunk to behave and was going around and pinching the other wives, and just enjoying a bit of healthy military mayhem. Someone found Doug and suggested that he do something about his roomie before things got ugly. Now, Doug was a pretty good sized fella with a good stiff swing but Jack was a gooder sized fella with a stiffer swing. So, Doug looks for some commotion and finds Jack. He walked up from behind, started to walk past him and just as he did, Doug swung his arm back, caught Jack in the chin with his elbow and Jack went down like the giant. When asked why he knocked him out Doug just simply explained, "If I didn't knock him out, he'd have been able to hit me back and he would have killed me." So Jack is out like a light and Gloria has no ride home. Doug of course, being the designated clean up crew offers her a ride. He walks her to the door, and says - "I'd really like to see you again. But, if you're not interested in something lasting, permanent and serious, don't waste my time." Gloria contemplated that for a moment, shrugged and said, "ok". (I did not get my communicational gifts from my mother:c) A few weeks later, Doug sat us three kids down and asked if we would allow him to become our daddy. He asked my sister, the eldest, first, then my brother, then me. I remember sitting on the couch and watching him ask us one at a time. When he got to me I gave him a resounding YES! and at that moment, the REAL love affair began. A couple of days later, Doug asked Gloria if the kids could have a  dog. She said "NO!" The next day, he showed up with the cutest puppy that we called Duffy. About six weeks or so after the party, Doug and Gloria were married. And the pattern for the next 47 years was set. 

My mother and I have always had a tenuous relationship. We don't understand each other very well. We don't think alike, we don't communicate well. But one thing's for certain; she knows how to pick her sailors.

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Comment by JustAnotherUserName on February 26, 2012 at 12:07pm

I hope you are planning a series of blogs about your dad.  It's compelling reading.

Comment by Dana (scribblers sanctuary) on February 26, 2012 at 11:06pm
Thank you, Ruth. I believe i will.
Comment by NatureJunkie on March 13, 2012 at 3:47pm

"My mother and I have always had a tenuous relationship. We don't understand each other very well. We don't think alike, we don't communicate well."

And yet you both loved this incredible man. Among all the many gifts he brought to you, it seems one of them was giving you at least one thing you could always and forever have in common with your mother.


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