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I posted this elsewhere. But here it is.

I am in awe of the people who got out and voted, showing their power in America, and seeing that power translate into something the whole world hoped for.

I fear for Obama and his family, because we have plenty of armed idiots in this country that get crazy ideas.

I want him given a fair chance to make a mark on this country - to bring back what we can be.

I look forward to not being hit over the head with fear, fear, fear of people in places whom we don't even know. Because if we met them on the street, we would see we have more in common than differences. And this administration didn't want that kind of idea around.

I still have fears that the current administration will do something incredibly stupid, like attacking Iran. That would plunge the world into a horror of unbelieveable consequences. I just want them to back off, completely. I want them and their cronies to leave America alone now - hands off.

I want to see what we all can do together - with a leader that can inspire us and point us to a different way of doing things - without signing statements hanging over our heads.

So, even though I am happy, I am cautious, I am on guard, and I am vigilant. There is no relaxing now.

There's a lot of work to do.

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Comment by SydTheSkeptic on November 7, 2008 at 1:24am
Sue, Obama's the reason I had to shed myself of the cynic tag and turn to healthy skepticism. No matter what happens, there was a great shift in this country. It'll take a helluva lot to turn that around at this point. It's no longer about Obama. His whole campaign, the one message he kept repeating over and over again was that it was never about him...It's about us. WE have work to do. It's up to us to keep the momentum going.

What a great day Tuesday was, huh. I was watching Grant Park that night on the CNN Live Feed and I bawled off and on cuz I kept thinking...THIS is the America I seriously thought I'd never see again.


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