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2019 Meteor Strike postponement is the First Atheist's Prayer on record known to be answered.  
Going to Submit The Phrase "Telepathic rescheduling" to Urban Dictionary.
Although these are weak results from “Wisher” for the planned Telepathic meteor strike, this is evidentiary of a possible correlation between wishing everyone DEAD, and Needing a slight postponement. 
QV89 is most likely to pass Earth on Sept 9, 2019, but with a slight chance of impact 1/7000. It's tiny but it's something. This may point to the need for the “Wisher” to wish harder or perhaps more often to glean a more significant result.
Nonetheless, Impressive first attempt! 
***seeing that it's 2 days before the date that gets me sick and i have to hide my emotions every year now, is a bit unnerving. I have written about 911 dozens of times over the years and delete It immediately.  --Im doing it again, Just did it. for Now, I pasted it into a blog thats friends only. countdown to how long before i erase the words again .
Just pictures on a Wall, like in BSG. 
No point wishing everyone dead, Diddles, when the psychos are working hard to try to do that for you.
The Correlation coefficient formula can be used even when there is no data set but 2 or more variants.

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