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another non-blog - and a wee story about a wee dog and it's wee.

It's finally getting cold and i suddenly remember what I don't like about winter. Cold is painful. My muscles object and retaliate with a lack of cooperation. The wind is making its music tonight, as it lowers it's shoulder and forces its way through the thick trees and brush. And the starless sky is black as pitch. Too cold even for the stars, perhaps. And here i sit with my trusted friend, tapping on its keys while pondering the great design and enjoying the warmth of my Betty Boop snuggi. (You KNOW you want one. It's ok to covet this once.)

It's funny how nights like these, quiet and dark, make me so contemplative. I find i can imagine quite easily whatever comes to mind. The latest news, of the new planet, the Earth's twin, has me all aflutter. One of the girls at work has decided that when the world ends in 2012, "God is going to take all the good people to the new earth and leave all the bad ones here to burn." Really. she said that today. Which of course led me to questions how anyone can believe in an all knowing, all omnipotent God, who created his children imperfectly and then punishes them - for all eternity no less - for being imperfect.

Which of course, led me to ponder imperfection. Who decides what's perfect and what isn't anyway? Does a bit of chocolate tastes sweeter if it's perfectly formed? Are people less worthy because someone somewhere decided noses should be small and breasts should be big? Ask anyone who has ever rescued a mutt or runt of a litter if what someone else deemed as imperfect didn't make the most appreciated, loving and constant companion.

Which reminds me; another one of my co-workers breeds some kind of dog that I can't remember now. She sells them for $850.00 each. She told me that if I wanted one and I let her know in time, I could come over and bottle feed the pup to build the bonding experience. She assured me that I could look anywhere on the internet and I wouldn't find the same breed for less and all the money went to keeping her son in private school. When I explained that most of my pets find me she was confused. How do you explain that to a person?

Which got me to thinking; One of my rescues, many years ago, was a couple of St. Bernard's. They weren't fierce enough to protect themselves from the other more viscous and savage animals on the farm they lived on. And true enough, they were the most lovable and sweet natured dogs. What I found to be interesting though was that they were so lacking in will that they couldn't protect themselves, but let them think that I was in danger and they suddenly became so fierce they were frightening. I would have to walk them one at a time. The male would step in front of me and stand sideways at every street crossing and he would look every stranger up and down like a mother looking over her son's latest squeeze. People often say taking dogs out is a great way to meet people. Not with my dogs.

I can't think about dogs without remembering one of my clients. He was a man, who wanted to be a lesbian. He was always dressed like a woman, albeit one you might see in a vintage Sears catalog. Chiffon dresses, woven hats, floral purses with shoes to match. And he never went anywhere without his wee dog. He was in one day wanting suggestions for his hair. The dog wee'd in the corner of my station. I couldn't concentrate on his hair knowing about the wee on the floor so I had to stop so we could clean up first. He said, "It'll keep till we're done." I said, "I know it's just a little wee from a wee dog. It'll only take a wee moment to clean it up." He said, "Ill wait". I said, "No, I'll wait. YOU"LL clean". He never came back.

A car has just gone by and broken my reverie. I guess I'm done.

Sweet dreams

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Comment by Pypermarru1 on December 9, 2011 at 10:56am

How weird.  I was pondering the concept of perfection or acceptable norms because I happened upon a show called "How Do I Look" - the concept is that these people are not fashionable enough and need the help of experts.  The show to me is about conformity.  I hate that people go on the show and get applauded for their fashion conformity. 

You sure get some interesting clients.  The gall of someone to think that you are to clean up their dog mess.  I would have been mortified and kept apologizing for my dogs mishap and quickly cleaned it up...ha

Lastly, if your kooky friend is to be believed and the world will end 2012 - I suggest you get to writing more blogs on a regular basis.  Time is of the essence :0)

As usual  I LOVE your blogs.  You have a way of expressing that keeps me reading.  Even when you have rambling thoughts they are nuggets of awesome.

2012 is coming - I'll expect a blog a week!!!!

Comment by Geoff on December 9, 2011 at 12:46pm

I loved the way this piece seemed to meander here and there until it suddenly tightened up at the end. I think it was your final expression of assertiveness counterbalancing the tolerant and philosophical run up. Strong work.

Comment by ThatGirl on December 9, 2011 at 1:33pm

Friday, Time to read. Wow, Your 2012 Doomsday believer. You mean she isn't telling you she can't Wait to ride her white horse in heaven like my aunt told me, after she condemned me to hell for like the 100th time? The Good People ay? Well, then I'm glad to stay on with the "bad people". I can't comment on all the goodies in here, so many. I just followed Pyper when I had time and was thoroughly entertained. Being a hairdresser is almost like being a priest in a confessional.

Comment by NatureJunkie on December 9, 2011 at 3:45pm

All it takes to hook me into reading a blog is to see that it's by scribblers sanctuary. Or that it's about a dog. And this one is like chocolate that's better because it's perfectly formed.

Comment by JustAnotherUserName on December 9, 2011 at 8:33pm

I love your blogs as much as the comments they elicit :-)

Comment by Dana (scribblers sanctuary) on December 14, 2011 at 8:34pm
Pyper - the gauntlet has been thrown. One a week, eh? It'll most like.y have to be Monday or Tuesday nights. Your challenge has been accepted with some trepidation. :c)
Geoff - thank you very much! I thought it mit be fun to just write wherever my thoughts took me. I was right. I may try it again. Particularly if I follow thru on Pyper's demands. :c)
ThatGirl - I think an awful lotnof folks are going to be surprised at who they see and DON'T see in the afterlife. Your aunt and people like her who love to possess knowledge about something they couldn't possibly know in particular.
NJ - thank you sweet friend. :c)
Kumori - I asked her whatbshe knew about the Mayans and their calendar. She had no idea what I was talking about so I feel comfortable assuming she's wrong. LOL
Ruth - thank you very much. I do live for the exchange! :c)


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