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do NOT lie to yourself. we KNOW there will be No vaccine production until at Least JULY beyond this first round which is not even enough to complete the 2 injections for the first cohorts - HCW, first responders, LTC staff, Elderly/compromised) .

we're gonna be isolating for another fvcking year.
mark my muthafvcking words.
you Better LOVE the one you're locked down with and learn to control your emos
we can't even find a surgical bed for an acute appendix patient from 3PM today. i left at 630, still no surgical bed and OR time.

do NOT do anything reckless
do NOT have an accident
do NOT have a heart attack or stroke
do NOT do stupid human tricks that may end in physical trauma
do NOT stick things up your azz that may need surgical removal
do NOT try that funky little sex trick involving apparatus which may malfunction and cause you to have to call for help

they are not COMING
they are busy trying to find which ER they can drop their ERDS covid patient at while driving like a maniac to try to save a life

in other words

don't do what typical Americans tend to do with time on their hands

take up a new HOBBY! order supplies from Amazon
Clean your garage, make scrapbooks after work
repurposes old furniture
plan a garden for the spring, write the plan
Write a memoir
Bake and drop off at your neighbors mailbox
Volunteer to ZOOM TEACH Tutoring sessions for elementary students

but dont' fall in the tub or have any accidents
we cant keep up with covid and cardiac emergencies
its winter and our EMT are all getting exposed AND sick

BTW, they all have to WORK SICK And exposed, it is permtted, as long as they dont spike a fever above 100.4

consider ALL These things before you go OUT to any place to do business
AND especially your URGENT CARE... they are all exposed and dropping like flies sick with covid

the NEW mutation is 70% more infectious, so these last 2 weeks, everytime we get a positive in a family, work group , EMT, medical office, vet, food service, we get the REST in the next week.


thats today's Happy Bedtime story frm the land of apocalype

now put on your happy face and keep doing it again
TOMORROW and the next day...and just keep going
there is going to be a rainbow sometime at the end...

just keep SWIMMING -

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