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This is after shower, No makeup (no mineral powder, no creams, no concealer) ,nothing but the leftover eyeliner line and LipSmackers

This is after 2 Meso Treatments, in 3 weeks Improving skin texture and evening out color. My sundamaged neck is next with ridiculously strong platysma bands that drive me crazy even when not working out.

If you have hyperpigmentation or sun damage, feel free to DM for the products used. I believe this blend could plump up scars as well if you break up scar tissue first using microneedling. Pretty amazed after only 2 treatments I have almost no use for my concealer. It's painful being stabbed in the face dozens of times on each side and then forehead, in sessions, and I have a pretty high tolerance. In office, your doctor will likely give you some lido, or topical high potency cream. I use injectable lido and It doesn't do a thing for this serum. It burns

If you keep your skin healthy from INSIDE , apparently you can literally change its texture and look.

this must be injected Into the skin with mesotherapy to stimulate the remodeling process. If you cannot do this part, you can STILL use topicals, and sterile serums with a Microneedling tool or Derma roller to start this process. You can get this meso injection treatment at a derm , plastic surgery or aesthetic clinicians office you trust but really, The product matters most.

This is my skin after cold water following treatment with a few bruises on the whole face .
this treatment is also correcting dark circles and has potential to thicken thin skin under eyes that create the appearance of hollows.

Everyone gets dark circles for different reasons. They can even be improved if you have them genetically. The EGFs and peptides in this mesotherapy dissipated the dark circles ive had all my life after the second treatment.

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