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KitCat picked this red to go with the hair color.

the hair was so dark purple ,it looked black in photos. It's now burgundy

this LIP color is dark red Matte in the bottle. All I see is pink in the mirror and in any lighting

don't ask how i got a huge cut above my eye. volunteering as a test patient is DANGEROUS.
I gave up on microblading and gave all my tools and supplies to KitCat.
I stick to botox and corrective fillers on only specific individuals.

it was not her fault . the wand has a lock that is difficult to manage and then getting used to the amount of pressure needed to make a cut at the right depth is really hard. I practiced on all kinds of materials and silicone skins, but you eventually have to have a live test. she feels terrible, i don't's really okay. My tools are not the best and the best cost so much money theyre not worth buying until you know you will commit to this practice. all good in the hood. looking forward to a TRUE red lip and a matte look. which i never do because i love juicy lips.

all hail the LipSmackers

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