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Sleigh Bells opener

Only one of us was high before the contact high.. the 15 year old who fought against admitting he was even dealing until 2020 when I got to learn the target that was on my family's head the last 3 years in NJ , why my house was invaded and destroyed and people alsmost died when i was in VA signing my deal to get OUT of NJ.

I am glad to know what else took place, and it all makes sense now, the secrets and lies, the people coming and going, the sketchy relationships, the disappearing, and all the times I had people creepoing up on the house where i raised my kids...

. I knew i had a deathwish since surviving so many near misses in my fvcked up city upbringing but intentions are worth nothing, you can take your kids to the middle of NOwhere and they will find what they seek.

they will SEEK what draws them in. Now he's off in the middle ofocean on the way to Spain on a superyacht. NO one could be more glad he's alive and the other one is an even more traumatic story with many chapters and we're still writing the book...together

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