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shhhhh ....

Couldn't be happier FOR him. M on his first Carib charter with "confidential guests". Med season is almost over.

he's been working all summer since completing his engineer training to top his deck. Biggest on his CV so far.

charter to Spain got cancelled 2 weeks ago due to covid positive guests...keeps happening and it's mostly family pods. It IS a pandemic

No one boards without 2 tests, vaccination AND masks . worried about him traveling but He probably has less contact with covid and more extensive precautions than I got at a hospital and the health dept.

crossing oceans still scares me a bit, losing my dad out there. They go off the map alot with no signal either so you can''t track a person on an overnight ocean crossing... bit scary

Like all things, it's in the Barisi blood to be be one with the ocean. your world is expanded by travel and exposure and so glad he's doing it. His French is better. The spanish and arabic insults he learned in New Jersey have been greatly expanded and I was shocked to hear him speak a sentence in Korean. this is what life is for...

i just exhale and trust the process.

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