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MiniMonk - Jan 28 - nomination after 1 stellar semester Aerospace Engineering Program

that kid just had to find his way back home and boy did he jump right back in. he also has the support of the most beautiful soul I have ever met, and his mama who will do ANYThing and sacrifice anything for his success and contentment. I never pushed my kids toward anything. I gave them information and let them choose. This one has matures so much in the last year, he has told me he knows he made choices because he was never pushed and he knows he would always have mama's support and help no matter how far away he drifted in spirit , distance or mind. During Covid i was worried he would not be getting enough support from so far away but he's met a small pod of guys in the same circumstance and has a partner who is as beautiful inside as outside,,, but she doesn't believe it. All human beings need to be reminded of their strength and know there's something solid beneath their feet, a person or a place they can go to, someone to catch them if they fall, help them heal and never judge.

my only hope I may not get to see come true, is that he passes that on to someone younger in his future and uses his experiences to teach others to be just as strong and resilient.

The kid who turned down offers and honors over and over, and selected the school he thought would keep him close to a girl, turned out to be his biggest regret, but he's past her and the place, and everything that went with it, and back to revisiting his life , his childhood and reconnecting with who he has ALWAYS been. A badass. outgoing, confident, silly, funny, motivated, highly intelligent creative , relentless soul...and boy there is nothing that could make me happier than to be alive to see it.

so we now watch rocket launches together through DUO...cause i cant go down there but maybe soon and I wont have a kidney emergency this time either....

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