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Mini sent me My face on GAMORA and I LOVED it. my Favorite GreenGirl-can't upload the GIFS, gotta get the app back and try again in a diff format

I think his was a FaceSwap.
THIS is from >> ReFace -- has different formats & Music too.

LINKS to some tests below --

People have stopped me in the streets of Brooklyn and NYC when I was young asking if anyone ever told me I look like young Audrey Hepburn. my young self didn't get it. Sometimes they'd mention Liz Taylor's Eyes. Too busy hustling and bouncing along at the time.

Never thought about it until my BFF insisted we watch Breakfast at Tiffany's together.

here's some ReFace clips from a photo-it can't change the teeth but -- SO cool.

When I do Uma-looks like the woman from Grease, and on Gamora, the fam seems to think. of Anna Kendrick- i dunno

Gamora won't upload because it was a GIF- will try to find a diff format, cause that's my FAV

and of course--Everyone is playing with Margot Robbie in this clip

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