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I have not abandoned this group. I invite you to share here from anywhere along that sacred spectrum of love and hate. We all know, like Donnie Darko, there IS really NO black and white, there is only Grey. I tried to say something like that through Chig's character in 925. Good/evil, Love/Hate, are on the the same plane of intensely deep emotions, which people struggle to define and which inspire the greatest works of art.

We started this group discussing whether romance is real, whether we create it, how we each may define it, and places we find what WE call romance.

I offer you BOTH sides of the coin in the form of a little Tunage.  In the spirit of the upcoming "manmade season of love", the object of doom,that lovely pressure-ridden holiday, despite which end of the spectrum you live on.  Dead roses, live ones, candy, diamonds, kicks or kisses, it's coming whether we LIKE IT or not.  I'll get to singing it out when the body catches up with the mind again.

I'll tell a romance story if YOU do. Not promising everyone survives. I'm from New York, it's a thing.

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Now that's what I call a good shot in the arm for this discussion group!  I'm attaching the most romantic picture I could find during a quick Google search.  Let's get this puppy rolling!  ("And they called it...puppy love...")

I Love you for this, Jim. When I considered resurrecting the discussion, you were the first person on my mind, I HOPED (hopeless?) , would join in and appreciate it. I've got to get in a BETTER mood. so I'm gonna do something more romantic next.

I'm always glad to be a part of this.  And there's nothing like a bit of romance to make us into believers once again.  :)

Oh, and I don't want to leave out same-sex romance in this discussion, so here you go:

Oh, of course, same sex romantic couples...Ive been thinking about Romantic Pics, and find my collection has alot of simply beautiful scenes, not necessarily couples but romance created by a setting.

FOR couples...I've got this one which haunts me always...from Benjamin Button.

and lots of others which are more, about the mood, the elements and the couple, like This

Not gonna Lie, I've got some really breathtaking, more intimate favorites too, but I'll wait on those.  Dont wanna steam it up in here. I think I'm here by MYself.

Oh, yes, tete a tetes can be very romantic, as can be dancing.  Here's another dancing image:

Sara, you asked for romantic stories, and not necessarily couple-oriented ones, so here's one that popped into my mind:

When I was 20, I was traveling (very inexpensively) through the Pyrenees Mountains of Spain.  I was accompanied by a male friend from my childhood, along with two females my friend had recently met in England who were cousins of each other (I had a crush on one of them).  For a few days, we slept in the ruins of an abandoned stone house that was painted turquoise (very characteristic of the area).  One day I wandered off into the woods by myself, and to my surprise, found a river (the Rio Ara) with a huge waterfall.  There was a large rock rising just above the surface of the river and just downstream from the waterfall, so I HAD to get myself on that rock somehow.  I took off all my clothes and swam over to the rock.  I stood up and gazed deeply into the roaring waterfall as the summer sun bathed me in warmth and dried the droplets on my skin.  I won't get into the "steamy" details, but let's just say that before I got off that rock, some other rocks got off.  I guess this is what you would call a solo romantic experience, complete with the drama of a natural wonder.  :)

now THAT IS a romantic scene which is characteristic of the power of nature and becoming one with your surroundings, or is it AWARENESS or who and what you are in a particular "moment"? I wont speculate, I just know it is a formula which creates romance for me too. I wont try to define it, just appreciate it.

Your story brings up a memory -some of the most romantic intimate experiences in my life take place in similar settings. One in particular, has the big blue open sky above, life all around, and something about "rocks"...!!!  what is it about rocks? YOu are not alone in the rock club!!! Im not telling details, but a cold rock on warm skin under the hot sun, beaming down between swaying trees is unforgettable... LOLOL..  pppfff... This is getting good, hot in here!! perfect

Love your memory -- it brings back many more of mine -- it IS getting hot in here -- definitely a part of the whole romance concept -- I like it!

I drew this for a "voice dialogue" session with Hal Stone 30 years ago.

Show us, Laurenzo. We dont see a file. Just click on the second icon from the LEFT to ADD IMAGE, and upload from your computer, or click UPLOAD beneath. thank you for contributing here...looking forward to seeing the image.

Squantic uncertainty is in the mind.


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