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you can be over 90 years old

Survived 3 types of Cancer

Be undergoing infusion therapy with a handful of conditions 

be FULLY AWARE of your High Risk status


REFUSE the Covid19 Vaccine when it's your turn

I can only callback  3 Times to try to SAVE you from yourSELF ....before i finally have to go home

I do have to show up tomorrow to vaccinate people who have been waiting on the edge of their seats for the call- some so terrified they may be turned away, they wouldn't even trust a confirmation email and text

 we are FINALLY able to offer this mitigating service instead of comforting families of the dying and interviewing people right before they are intubated.

I've save a dozen VMs i can't get myself to delete, they are the voices of people on their last days.

2 cases I was the last person these individuals got to have a conversation with and one if he didn't call ME back, his wife would never even have known he was admitted directly to ICU. She had no idea where he even was, for 2 days, the hospital didn't even bother to look up next of kin.. I will never forgive this  hospital. I was able to get 2 alternate numbers with one call to their OWN department.

The patient left a Message on my Voicemail after trying to reach him for 3 days with no luck.

On the message he is struggling to breathe and on ECMO : his voice  barely audible.. the machines are so loud- he simply slowly Stated TEN Digits in a row, taking labored breaths between each...then the desperate words, CALL,.... PLEASE> ..some labored breaths for a few seconds, rustling sounds, then disconnect.

Most people on ECMO are conscious and can communicate a little but on any type of respiratory support, it is energy conscious to not attempt speech. IN ICU, if a patient brought by EMS has a cell phone, they give it to the patient in hand if they are able to text or try to reach a loved one while conscious. This man had a mailbox full of messages and didn't have the energy to retrieve them --so no one could reach him for that 3 days, since I left my first message.

He had enough energy on day 3 to click the callback button and get this message to me.

if he had NOT, i truly believe he would have died alone without his wife or father ever KNOWING he was even hospitalized. 

I CALLED that number immediately. No idea who I would find on the other end of the phone but i picked this message up on my off hours in the evening, and called -- this was his wife who had no idea he was even hospitalized. I had to be cautious about what I inform her of but I had every right to inform her of how I received this message and the reason I was calling.  We kept in touch from then on because she ALSO had no one to talk to. 3 days later she was asked to make the decision on life support. He succumbed on day 4.  ( i've been in these situations dozens of times in the last few months, at least half a dozen were the catalyst to saving a life , and most of these people were alone.   this one is different. he HAD someone and they didn't even try to reach her). 

THIS^^ will just keep happening as long as people have NO fvcking Idea This is happening, but good luck with "you can't choke me with a mask, I refuse to be muzzled. muh rights. I NEED to go out to dinner and have parties, Im bored, you're killing the economy. ... OPEN IT UP!".. FFS , its ALL open , it's all been open since last year. the only things restricted are the fvcking bars, and large events and still, the fvcktarded have managed to keep having them.. we THEN get the outbreak to go investigate. Then we get the people in town blaming some random person from "outside' for bringing it INTo their revival, family wedding, funeral of a covid victim, or holiday party in their own homes...yea, sure Uncle Billy. 

...but YEA, definitely refuse the life saving vaccine when it's your turn.

WHO would turn it down after requesting it? Apparently , a few who tuned into some Qtarded podcasts or are following some quacks who are trying to steer people away from available Vaccines to try to pump sales of the Johnson and Johnson Vax.  SICK>>>>>>

There will be a group of people who insisted upon suicide by Virus... I have to learn to stop stepping in the way of people trying to kill themselves, perhaps. Seems to be a thing with me. 

don't get started on the Fetal Tissue subject..every med they're on is the result of the same research using fetal tissue  ..but yea... that too

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