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K, Sedona and I are spear-heading the second major CS (the first being Chig's Viral Vid). This one's going to be on an epic scale much like LiveVideo, The Movie was. We'll need a lot of help.

Sedona's going to put the info here...but let's see who's game already?

Parts for all, including crowd scenes and non-singing roles.
Please indicate what the nature of the role you'd consider (singing, non-singing, chorus-type parts, crowd, characters, etc)

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This sounds Hol's idea about Twinkie Jesus...where the heck is that little man?
singing (badly) but yeah I'm up for it doh ray me so far la ti da xox
Whatcha got?
Gimme a small piece of the action...
But make suze sing... :)
The rest of you songbirds too.
So is this one Dead or what coz I got a stage for ya all
Ah, I've got some homework to do here. Sarah, now that I'll have a little time on my hands I can start on this- sorry 'bout the lapse. This is a great idea, though. It shouldn't be sleepin'. ;o)
what else could I be doing?
let me SING!!!!
tell me what to do..
tell me!!!
Still sounds cool to me!! ;-)
Can't wait to see this it already up? Is it still being worked on?


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