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(updated 8/22) Homemade Skin Care Ingredients and DIY Cream Recipes - I will share if you msg me

skincare DIY with natural and actually effective ingredients

In the time I've been studying and practicing , I've also learned to make alot of makeup and skincare creams.

I can share recipes And give you information on how to obtain "certain" ingredients not readily available.

  1. Over 40 skin care products for Perimenopause and postmenopausal women are kind of essential - you lose all your moisture in your skin, you hair and nails suffer as well with the reduction in Estrogen and even progesterone. IF you are a fan of replacement therapy and work with a doctor to do this, you may still be interested in supplementing your skin with topical creams. I learned not to be a fan of HRT in pharmacy school but recent studies are showing promising new therapies. I just don't choose it for myself. Topicals hold the ability to be effective and controllable for me. 
  2. Hyaluronic Acid creams and gels - THIS is the most effective ingredient in stimulating collagen and elastin production in skin. I learned how to do this when I got my 2 genetic defect diagnoses. Normal skin and young skin are plentiful but after 40 the decrease starts. ANYone can MAKE HA gels and add them to creams and makeup . I can link you to places to buy the most aseptic powders. The recipes are simple. I now work with HA injectables all the time , and a variety of other esthetic injectables and devices, but will only administer in limited dose/treatment areas and use anesthetics by clinical calculations.  IF I treat, fresh reversal agents, antihistamine, epi,  rescue inhaler, and my first aid training are at the ready. The ideal candidate has had procedures before, is compliant with pre treatment directions avoiding a list of medications/supplements, submits to a patch test and understands we don't perform miracles. Same should apply for anything you do on yourself. You are not excluded from treatments if you have allergies, if we have ways to prep and respond BUT if you know you have protein related allergies, many of the new Biostimulators will be off the table for you, and possibly the proteins in botulinum toxins. 
  3. Arnica Montana and Aloe Vera Gel - essential bases and skin treatment aftercare
  4. Glycerin - a small pharmaceutical grade 4 ounce bottle can last you years used as a base for making your own products. 
  5. VITAMIN K2 (MK7 not 4) - You can buy capsules and add the powder to your creams or make your own cream. Vitamin K is a quick effective way to heal cuts and bruises by taking it orally, (Ive used it with ARnica sublingual and arnica Montana x30 gels since I started pole bruising) great topical for wound healing. Open the capsules and ADD it to Arnica Gels. avoid arnica creams when you have an open wound. ( Vitamin K is Also an immune booster, good for protection against severe symptoms of covid when you also supplement with Vitamin D ) . It's renal protective so I've had this on hand for 2 decades.
  6. Matcha Powder ( multipurpose but is ideal for Shrinking Pores) -pores enlarge with age, seems to start at 40 but many people have them all their lives or may have issues with blackheads because the pores capture and store so much debris. Matcha powder contains TANNINS. It can be used as a mask, with homemade HA gel as the base , is a great aftercare essential IF you do microneedling  to change the condition of your skin whether from aging, to reduce scars, sun spots, uneven tone, old pock scarring. it is NOT to be used if you struggle with acne or any autoimmune skin disorder without the express cooperation of your treating clinician. 
  7. Hormone creams??? -They are known for being sketchy and causing unwanted side effects but things have changes.   I learned these creams/gels women are prescribed during perimenopausal years, can be used to MAKE a topical skin cream as an "off label use" for dry skin from estrogen loss .. you didn't hear it from me, ( my own gynecologist who is also an aesthetician has been doing it since age 45- she also will not use HRT) I trust my doctor. if you can get a cream with Estriol.."NOt estriadol- this ingredient can penetrate skin with no unwanted side effects. Progesterone and combo creams with estriol have become common as well_progesterone can THICKEN skin, this is desirable for light skinned people with onion skin around eyes or other areas. Beware ANY OTC product claiming to possess these hormone ingredients-1,they don't work, 2. plant matter can't effect your endocrine levels in the intended manner- If you are a proactive woman who wants to ask your doctor for some Estrace and decide to use it topically -addit to your skincare regimen.
  8. Retinol Creams -( i don't use these- but many people are big fans) it's acne control potential is real but the long term side effects are just as real. Dose is key -works best added to Night creams. 
  9. MAKEUP -Under eye concealer -  I have thin skin from these defects and light lips so always need some color on the lips and undereye cream for thin skin. I add HA gel, Vitamin mK7 and hormone cream to my concealer. Strengthening skin and gaining tone is the goal.  sterilize a container get a fresh popsicle stick to mix it well and create your own. only makeup i ever have worn is mineral powder, and rarely- only to work or occasions. Can't stand the feeling of anything ON my skin , so i find it better to work at having healthy skin. apparently, new makeup types can have some nourishing ingredients but still not a fan of spreading spackle on my face.  I take the color of mineral powder I like and make concealer for the dark corners where my skin is so thin. This works ...I tried it for several girls who were spending $80 at Ulta Beauty to make people richer, MEH...make your own. You can give it better texture 
  10. MICRONEEDLING - this is a tricky endeavor Im just beginning that i discovered by working with people who do filler and botox for skin rejuvenation. It is a way of making microinjuries that's been around forever but with all the new penetrating serums and ingredients listed above, carefully calculated, can be introduced through the dermis.  ANYWHERE on your body with scarring, discoloration, uneven tone, sun dark spots, or thin skin can be improved. The process stimulates collagen production and the matrix to restart the cycle of producing collagen and elastin with boosting components. PRP is also gaining popularity although VERY expensive.  Needling safely at 0.5mm or up to 1.5 for breaking up scars has been successful at making skin stronger and thicker. Skin creams have always been a joke to me because most are just grease that coats your thickened outer layer of skin at random times during the turnover process of 3-4 weeks and chokes off pores. Peptides vitamins, HA,  EGFs, amino acids, Glutathione, coenzymes, and some nucleic acids properly used with microneedling on a specific schedule can produce a NEW layer of skin in 3 weeks equivalent to getting a painful laser treatment that would cost thousands of dollars. I'll def put together a microneedling blog with instructions when I've had enough experience on the full body. --corrective is my focus to be able to supplement other treatments for people with visible face or neck scarring or bothered by body scars or have thinning.  Stretchmarks are also a thing I will test out soon. These are large areas and will take several rounds but I've seen amazing thickening toning color correction and revitalized stretch mark skin in the Derm office. 
  11. TONERS - (peptides mainly)  are critical to use after ANY procedure on skin which causes irritation , or microinjury. These are hard to MAKE DIY, but you CAN use your DIY HA Gel alone, never rinse it off, do not use soap to wash your face ever again. gentle washes and oatmeal soaps are good (read the ingredients or make your own) -HA on the first day, then my aloe/Matcha for antibacterial protection on day 2. Day 3 peptide toners can start but always do a skin test IF you don't make these yourself
  12. Ingredients identifier database - invaluable tool IF you have to shop for skincare products. labels do not always tell the truth... INCI decoder is good too. 
  13. SWANSOn Vitamins = Decades long highly regarded supplier - ALL skin creams have no additives, no fragrance. These can be great starters if you want to make your first cream that ADDS something you need, like HA gel.  ( my favorite is their Vitamin K cream, I add even more Vitamin K, and HA gel to stretch it out. It was the first cream I used as a base to make my concealer, as it's non greasy or sticky over time but holds shape and absorbs quickly ) 
  14. Better than BLUE EMU OIL cream (joint and pain relief) from Swanson - this is a greasier feeling Emu oil base for the BODY with MSM which you can also get and add to any cream you make. some people are obsessed with this oil.  It's like a cult. Apparently it's also almost a clone of some expensive night anti aging cream that costs too much. It's less than $6 from swanson. The trick with swanson is, they have NeVER had free shipping unless you spend $50 . I always manage to every few months because i order my Chanca Piedra in bulk . the only CP that ACTUALLY works and has kept me out of the emergency room at least a dozen times.
  15. Swanson Vitamins - Retinol Cream - I just acquired this one and diluted it down in a separate container with HA and Green Tea powder for an antioxidant cream to test on a small patch of skin. It was recommended to do a few weeks before microneedling to toughen up thin skin in preparation. ( I fear this stuff but know it's only a small dose in this premade cream - Ill take pics and edit the blog IF I see any noticable diff without side effect). 
  16. DMAE serum - sketchy on skin because it only works initially but can have negative effects if you use it longterm.   I ADD it to my LEAVE IN Hair conditioners -  it gives a silky coating on thin hair that tangles easily so its great on my ponytail at night. 

i know i've forgotten things, i will edit as i recall

 Hopefully it's sensible enough.

apologies for not taking pictures or video of processes or products but I promise it's easy as long as you use clean tools.

skincare without preservatives in it, are petri dishes for microbial growth so DO always scoop servings out onto a palette with clean wooden recyclable tool and wear gloves if you must dig Into any jar or makeup.

I find scooping onto a palette easiest. 

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Comment by ThatGirl on October 17, 2021 at 6:58pm

okay! Vitamin C, Niacinimide and 1x weekly Retinol based natural serums added this last 2 weeks - NO allergic reactions to these formulas, can recommend brands for sensitive skin. With the meso, things are dramatically changed. 1 cosmetic microneedle round DOWN, i don't know that I will continue this treatment. I have great skin, just dry and aging.. NOT a fan of having to treat skin like it's been in a fire, for 3 weeks while waiting for the turnover. Microneedling IS IDEAL if you truly want to change the texture , slowly diminish scars or if you have DEEP acne scars that are there for years. THEN i recommend 1.5 - 2MM depth regular sessions, for at least 6 months with a very strict regimen and you CAN change your entire face with NO surgical intervention . I've seen women cry at the results they thought they could never acheive on face and baby stretchmarks. STOMACh baby stretch marks on thin people are horrendous too. after 2 sessions 1.5 MM depth with meso and topical serums regularly , mine are dramatically almost gone and the skin where it was stretched so thin that ALL vessels could be seen and I had to have surgery for the hernia burst through torn abdominals bleeding into the skin.... the skin is growing BACK thicker. BIZARRELY effective. Im due for treatment number 3 on stomach but family emergency through everything off for the last 4 weeks. 


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