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I go in tomorrow for some surgery so I can start eating again and maybe even sleep comfortably for a while. The doctors aren't sure yet whether it will be in-patient or out-patient due to the scale of the operation but we *do* know that I will have tubes hanging out of me for at least a week. They are going to try to drain and seal the 3 most offending groupings of cysts. Consider that I have literally thousands of cysts inside and out of a liver that fills my entire body cavity. The surgeon…


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Limited Resources

I came across an article in the Google Health section today on Steve Jobs taking a medical leave of absence. He's had his new liver for about what ?,...8 months now ? I wasn't aware that his liver transplant was related to pancreatic cancer. It is my understanding gained through experience with the transplant evaluation process that previous or current cancer greatly reduces your chance for transplant, the  logic being that we want livers to go to those who have the best chance of thriving…


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