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gift of locomotion - gonna be 6 weeks wait to get it injected.
Hospital Doctors seeing one patient at a time, reduced hours/staff, cancelled surgeries, pre-screening.

the Bizarre concept of Paying 600+$ a month to carry an insurance card, yet MOST of the treatment you NEEd, is "covered" but denied, OR coinsurance & co-payments so high you're almost paying CASH...

here I am begging to Johnson And Johnson like a charity case for something that used to be 100% covered. and it still feels BAD that I am asking.

COVID got everyone stircrazy and getting cabin fever: ???
STARZ and SHOWTIME are Free for at least a month.
make sure you move around, stretch, bend , lift heavy objects, clean, do unfinished projects
you better have the cleanest kitchen, bathroom, shower, floors, closets, cabinets, no dirty laundry, clean windows, and find some music or do art projects- or Tink can still fly through your window and knock you TF out. BOMTKO

Home is Sanctuary to me.

If you look around and yours doesn't FEEL like the heaven you need it to be, MAKE it so.
Decorate with anything you HAVE or Make things.
Never let a Good Crisis go to waste. LEARN and grow,

High Utility video I was compelled to share with a loved one who is teetering on the edge of Hopelessness- below

things getting scarier since we are not Allowed to wear any PPE we bring or buy and we're NOT getting anything in the Pharmacy even though we're still working up in ED OR and ICU and entering every department to fill and check EKits, crashcarts, department omnicells...and setup IV..surgical mask is all that is allowed, which is Insufficient and may only be worn WHILE inside a patient' room. I wear it in the elevator ( close quarters, no matter who is around, and people are stalling and allowing less to enter elevators whenever there is opportunity..luckily i LOVE running up flights of stares and only take the elevator if i have a cart).

The mask policy is because of "optics", So Afraid to "scare the patients" during a pandemic. Seems to be a long transition to accepting what is UNAcceptable during a fvcking Pandemic. patients SHOULD be scared of Covid and Feel more secure seeing staff in masks

im losing it... but hoping i may even get out of THIS hospital now. to a post acute care hospital..crossed fingers. im either gonna get sick or get my family sick this way.

okay got an offerr 04/09- but still waiting on the post acute,,which is on hold with so many surgery cancellations. this is the one im holding otu for, otherwise i go to a safer hospital system on a horrific rotating schedule,, but that small safety is the tradeoff. omfg 530AM to 1130PM...almost 1 hour commute again. jumping from frying pan into fire ...again.

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