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5 points each
1.Show us what's in your purse or your wallet.
2. Call someone while on cam. Don't tell them you're recording and upload. Make it interesting ;o)
3. Show us how you created a piece of origami, but do it "artfully"
4. Sing your favorite children's song (no talking) while showing us pictures of you as a child. 
5. Show us some items that you're embarrassed about owning.
6. Do impersonations of five famous people.
7. You're a vlogger and it's the year 2099.
8. Document everything you eat and drink for one day.
9. Make a video with the title "Ten Things I Hate About...."
10. Stack stuff on top of a loved one. How high can you go...? 

10 points each

11. Lip sync to a song in a full costume (make-up and all)
12. Edit a scene with you & another Arkian so that it feels like you're both in the same room.
13. Visit an ethnic grocery store. Find something very unusual. Prepare it & eat it.
14. Fly
15. Go to a carnival and show us your attempts at winning a prize.
16. Sing a duet with another Arkian.
17. Do a time-lapsed video (using your own footage).
18. Create a stop-motion video (using your own footage).
19. Attempt a special effect that's simple but impressive
20. Do something funny with yourself and a green screen

20 points each 
21. Remake a music video from the 80's, keeping as close to the original as possible and using only your own footage.
22. Spoof a currently-popular TV show using your own footage.
23. Create a music-video parody using your own footage.
24. Interact with an animated character.
25. Insert yourself into a famous movie scene.
26. Edit a collaboration with a minumum of ten other Arkians.
27. Write an original song and perform it as an edited music video
28. Produce a mockumentary with your own footage.
29. Create a commercial for a fictional product using your own footage.
30. Tell a short story and play all the characters


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Replies to This Discussion

Good Lord, I have to do this. Victory will be mine......(maybe)

Great idea Syd. Now I really need my cam working ;0)
Hmm...I've got you on my short list to challenge....are you up for it? I really want to compete against a video guru?
OOoh, no, let's be a team!!! You and me against...who?
Now you're talking sister. I say we go big - lets call out a couple people and DESTROY them! Break their will, reduce them to putty...etc.
Who...who shall we take down?

OK...OK...I think I might be to gungho at the moment...perhaps a day of reflection might ease my blood lust...ha. I'll be calling you ;)
Yes! Let's sleep on it- we you are too giddy with promise for the moment...hehe
Question for the Mistress of the Videolypiad re Challenge #26. Does the collaboration earn 20 points for EACH of the 11 minimum Arkian participants?
No, only the editor. Good question! It's 20 points so it's got to be that much harder. ;o)


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