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Whatever floats your boat...

If you've got ideas for future missions, put 'em here!  :o)

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I think a story tag like the one on LV where everyone made up a little bit at a time. Or a Days of Beauty type challenge cos that really was amazing to take part in.
There could be a mission where you do a series of vids under one theme (i.e., "days of beauty"), and when completed, it counts for a big amount of points, like 50. :o)

Story tag was fun!!
How about a silent vid, or a how-to vid, or a vid interpreting a particular song (we'd all have to do the same song)? Or a cat video, sure, why not? Or a 30 second commercial for Nutella. Yeah, get Nutella as a sponsor. Yes - A big jar of Nutella to the winner, and a small jar for each runner-up! Oh, forget the vids - just send me some Nutella NOW!

Uh, sorry.
Ooh!! These are ALL great!!!!


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